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Our internationally experienced team offers investors a comprehensive range of structured solutions, delivered in partnership with our trusted panel of global providers.

We enable you to structure payoff profiles that express your market outlook and desired investment outcome. Whether you are looking for geared growth, downside protection, fixed returns, FX exposure, access to local or international markets, or a combination of these, we have compelling solutions and a broad range of issuance vehicles that stretch beyond what is available from the more traditional investment universe.

"A popular myth in investing is that in order to receive higher returns, you have to take higher risks. This is demonstrably false - we can't all outperform, but we can all lower risk - and in so doing improve risk-adjusted returns. This is why Structured Solutions exists - to help our clients achieve this."

Ryan Sydow | Head of Distribution | Absa Index and Structured Solutions

Let us help structure and define your investment outcomes.

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